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Lucy Rose

A stunning English cream teddy bear goldendoodle, Lucy is a GANA blue-ribbon level fourth-generation medium with black points. LUCY'S waitlist has filled for her December puppies. However, she should have another beautiful litter of minis and mediums by summer 2020! 

Valentines Idea

Lucy and Max's puppies will be ready to go home the week of Valentines 2020! Give years of snuggles to someone you love...

TOO much cuteness in one spot! Max, has obtained his GANA blue-ribbon level status. He is a Beechwood Goldendoodles red multi-generational petite-mini teddy bear goldendoodle stud.  He is 22 pounds. 

Christmas Idea!

Mindi and Max's puppies will be born in December and ready to go to their forever homes by early February 2020--4-5 weeks after Christmas! Perfect timing to wrap a picture of your teddy bear goldnedoodle and put it under the Christmas tree ~ yet not having to worry about house training till he or she arrives home AFTER the holidays! We'll send you a framed picture of the litter with a bow and puppy wrapping paper.


A breathtaking apricot petite-mini, Mindi is a GANA blue-ribbon level multi-generational teddy bear goldendoodle. Her puppies with Max will be minis and petites, and she will produce reds and apricots. MINDI'S waitlist has filled for her December puppies, but she should have another sweet litter of minis by summer 2020!

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