Waitlists are full for our petite-mini, mini and medium goldendoodles, but will re-open in April 2021



Beechwood Goldendoodles

A breathtaking apricot petite-mini, Mindi is a GANA blue-ribbon level multigenerational teddy bear goldendoodle. Her puppies with Max will be minis and petites, and she will produce reds and apricots.  will have another sweet litter of minis with Max, August 2021!


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Beechwood Goldendoodles

Dolly--Oh, what a DOLL she is! So photogenic and full of as much love and life as her pictures convey, this bundle of adorableness will be honeymooning with Max soon and projected to have puppies March 2021. She has completed her required testing for GANA and has achieved blue-ribbon status. Stay-tuned for adorable pups!


Beechwood Goldendoodles



Beechwood Goldendoodles

TOO much cuteness in one spot! Max, has obtained his GANA blue-ribbon level status. He is a Beechwood Goldendoodles red multi-generational petite teddy bear goldendoodle stud.  He is 22 pounds.



Beechwood Goldendoodles

Rorey is quick to fill the heart with joy, cuddles and adventure. Her sweet first fur-babies by Max are excitedly anticipated by April or May 2021 and are projected to be minis and mediums . She has passed her OFA tests at the GANA blue-ribbon level.



Beechwood Goldendoodles

A stunning English cream teddy bear goldendoodle, Lucy is a GANA blue-ribbon level fourth-generation medium with black points. LUCY will have another beautiful litter of minis and mediums with Maximus in  September 2021! 


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Beechwood Goldendoodles

Rosemary is full of fluffy snuggles and will be a wonderful first-time mama of a litter of gorgeous medium and mini apricot, red, and abstract goldendoodles by Max projected to arrive April or May 2021 and has passed her OFA tests at the GANA blue-ribbon level.


Gracie ~ an all-in-one package of heart-melting eyes, fun lovin' playfulness, and a furry-warmth of nighttime snuggles. She has completed her tests for blue-ribbon GANA status to have her first litter of gorgeous red and apricot minis with Max in 2021.