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What to Get

Items to Prepare for Your Puppy

Let us help you get started! Following is a clickable list of items you will need to purchase before you bring your puppy home. If you prefer a car ride to your local brick and mortar store, here is a handy list of what you should purchase. If you're like us and love shopping from the convenience of home, these Amazon clickable links are handy for perusing and purchasing the items Beechwood Goldendoodles recommends.

  • Wire crate with adjustable panel, allowing the crate to grow with your puppy

  • Crate cover

  • Crate bed--not to be used the first few months. You don't want chewing and ingesting!

  • Bed for outside the crate

  • Water and food bowls

  • Nylon collar and six ft. leash

  • Retractable leash

  • Harness (I like Easy Walk. Hooks in front of chest and trains to not pull)

  • Shampoo

  • Slicker brush

  • Metal comb

  • Waste bag tote and bags

  • Dental care kit

  • Nail clippers

  • Stain and odor eliminator spray

  • Ear cleaner

  • Ear powder

  • Bitter apple deterrent spray

  • At least five appropriate toys

As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Crates & beds

A dog crate is your dog's home within the home and needs to be a comfortable space for him. A general guide is as follows:

PETITES: 24" wire crate

MINIS 30" wire crate

MEDIUMS: 36" wire wire crate

STANDARD: 36"-42" wire crate

An adjustable divider is a must, and not all crates come with one.

Travel crate for car--

18.96" micro-petites, 24.6" for minis and mediums, and 28.01 for standards.

harnesses & leashes

II use Easy Walk harnesses (below) on both Lucy and Max and LOVE them. No issues with pulling on walks. They come in different sizes, even  extra small.

Not long after I first got Max, I had a three day soccer tournament to attend for my son in Orlando, FL. I loved bringing Max along in a carrier, and he loved it too!


So, a dryer is not a necessity, but Deanne got this one. When I see the beautiful coat Mindi has after she's had hers blown out, like she's just returned from the groomerI feel like I need to add it in here! I may get one for Lucy and Max.

chow time!

health, safety & behavior



Lucy and Max love it when I stuff Kongs with peanut butter!

Playpens & Gates


Housetraining & Sanitary

My wonderful dog fostering neighbor, RuthAnn, clued me in to the fact that my bitter apple spray (below) was good for more than spraying items I didn't want my puppy to chew on...It's been wonderful to use as a quick spritz in training Lucy and Max not to jump up on visitors. I call it the bottomless bottle because all it took was two or three encounters with a spritz of this stuff and now all I have to do is show it to them and they think twice about jumping up on a visitor. :-)

Amy Lane of Fox Creek Farm, founder of GANA and expert in all things goldendoodle,  says this is a much better option than the Elizabethan collar (aka "cone of shame") your vet will sell you when your puppy is spayed or neutered. She suggests you wait to purchase one until you have scheduled the surgery so you know what size you need.

Recommended Books

Obviously, nothing can compare to Mom's sweet kisses and snuggles or the warmth and heartbeats of litter mates, but Snuggle Puppies are the next best thing! When making the huge transition those first few nights of sleeping alone in a crate, the warmth and sound of a Snuggle Puppy heartbeat will make for easier, more restful nights for your puppy AND you!

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