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About Goldendoodles


Waitlists for 2024-25 petite-mini, mini, medium & small standard goldendoodles


We make NO bones about it. Click on the GANA logo above and find out...


ADIOS ALLERGIES—Goodbye allergies! We goldendoodles are low-dander and non to extremely light shedders, a great match for people with allergies. Our beautiful coats do require weekly or biweekly brushing and regular hair clipping every few months.

SUPER SMART—Our poodle and golden retriever ancestors score in the top four of  the150 smartest dog breeds. We are easy to train and great for the first-time dog owner.

FABULOUS FOR FAMILIES—We are excellent family dogs and versatile working dogs—guide dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. We are affectionate and gentle and highly social. We can thrive in a country setting or enjoy city life. Even though we have an average energy level, we are not suited to apartment living as we like space to run and play, ideally 20-30 minutes a day.

NO BARK, NO BITE—We will love you to bits, but we are not watch dogs. And because we won’t be taking a "bite out of crime," we get along well with everyone, including children, other dogs, and family pets.



  • Petite: Under 14 in; under 25 lbs

  • Mini: 14-17 in; 26-35 lbs

  • Medium: 17-21 in; 36-50 lbs

  • Standard: 21+ in; 51+ lbs



Beechwood Goldendoodles breeds multigeneration goldendoodles, so my puppy buddies and I will have coats that tend to be wavy, rather than variations of flat like the golden retriever or tightly curled like the poodle that result from first generational crossings (a poodle bred to a golden retriever) where the same litter can produce puppies with widely different coat types.

We come in a number of different colors, including cream, gold, apricot, red, chocolate, brown, black and grey. We also come in color combinations, called “parti colors" that sport a patchy appearance.

Coat types are long and beautiful, with shaggy variations of straight, wavy, curly. They require regular brushing to avoid matting and professional grooming about every 6-8 weeks. New DNA technology is constantly evolving. We can test for curl as well as shedding genes carried by our dogs. Most multi-generation goldendoodles do not shed, regardless of the type of coat they possess. This non-shedding gene provides for a more hypoallergenic dog.



  • F1 = golden retriever x poodle (50% chance of being low-shedding)

  • F1B = F1 goldendoodle x poodle (higher success rate over F1 for non-shedding)

  • Multigen = two goldendoodle parents. One parent has to be an F1B or multigen. A poodle bred to a multigen goldendoodle is also a multigen. (Most hypoallergenic with a 98% non-shedding success rate)

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