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Baxter and Bella



I cannot say enough good things about Baxter and Bella. For a lifetime of professional dog training at your fingertips, even live help, for a one-time VERY reasonable fee, Baxter and Bella can't be beat! Beechwood Goldendoodles has partnered with with them and can give  you a unique 25% off discount code. Reach out to the breeder of your pup, either Beth or Tim for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Click the paw above for a link that will tackle many of your most common questions.

Puppy Proofing Your Home


Click the paw above for a link that includes lots of advice on preparing your home for your new puppy, including what's toxic to your dog. 


Housebreaking/Puppy Care and Training

Click here for LOTS of basics on crate training and general training.

Puppy Socialization

Click here for the basics and importance of puppy socialization.

Recommended Reading to Answer Typical Questions



Grab a cup of coffee and get immersed in a great book on Goldendoodles.

Click on the coffee cup above and scroll down to "Recommended Books" to read before you receive your puppy. 

Order Dog Food

Click here to learn what and how to feed your puppy. PawTree is a top quality food that is grain, dye, and preservative-free, made from only natural ingredients.If your dog has allergies to chicken, PawTree is the solution, providing alternative protein sources, such as salmon and lamb. PawTree also has a solution for picky eaters. They have tasty seasonings to add to the daily food ration, making it irresistible. They offer holistic remedies for hot spots, loose stools, itchy skin, and many other issues. Refer to the website for their many great products.

Life's Abundance is another top quality dog food that is grain, dye, and preservative-free. Both PawTree and Life's Abundance have never had a recall.

Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

Comprehensive List

of human food dogs can eat or should avoid


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