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Breathtakingly beautiful, this dam is an apricot fourth-generation multigenerational mini teddy bear goldendoodle. She is 25 pounds,  from Fountain Falls Goldendoodles, and her owner's therapy dog. Just look at that coat!


As gorgeous as she is sweet, and as athletic as she is cuddly, this wonderfully tempered dam is a 52 pound River Falls Goldendoodles' small-standard English cream teddy bear goldendoodle. Marathon training, anyone?


With all the sweetness of a soft teddy bear, Beechwood Goldendoodles' Dolly, out of Fountain Falls Mindi and by Fox Creek Simon, is an up-and-coming Beechwood Goldendoodles petite-mini dam projected to be approximately 22 pounds. How about one of her teddy-pups? Hang on 'til 2021!


The eyes will win you over! Winsome and snuggly, this up-and-coming Beechwood Goldendoodles' mini English teddy bear multigenerational dam is out of River Falls Lucy and by Fox Creek Simon. She is 26 pounds and will have her first litter in 2021.


Brimming with personality--and oh, those melt-your-heart green eyes--Dave the Pilot is a mini red tuxedo, 27-pound goldendoodle sire from Silver Creek Goldendoodles. He is by Hurricane Creek's Rocky and Robin. Wait! He just might be sayin', "Welcome to the world of tuxedo puppies, Beechwood Goldendoodles!"

(Photo courtesy of Silver Creek Goldendoodles)


This striking and intelligent red petite-mini multigenerational goldendoodle is a Beechwood Goldendoodles' 22-pound sire. He has yet to meet someone who can tire him of fetching.


As snuggly as she is sweet, this Beechwood Goldendoodles' medium multigenerational English teddy bear dam from Seventh Heaven Goldendoodles can't help but capture hearts. Her puppies will do the same. She is an apricot abstract expected to be around 45 pounds.


The spice of life for sure, this adventuresome soft sweetie is a Beechwood Goldendoodles' up-and-coming 2021 dam from Seventh Heaven Goldendoodles. She is an apricot abstract medium English teddy bear multigen goldendoodle and expected to be around 45 pounds.

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