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Psssst....take me home!

Wow, you won't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity! You get to take home a cream-of-the-crop puppy from either our SC or VA location, and the best part is, it's completely free! Plus, you'll be supporting one of the most ethical dog breeding programs out there!

So...are there any current openings? Yes! Virginia Beechwood is on the hunt for five amazing guardians for puppies from these stunning pairs! Get ready to join the team and make a difference by contributing to the highest standard in ethical dog breeding--where dogs are only in a breeding program for a brief time, never live in a kennel, never get "retired" or given away, and first and foremost are someone's loved-on, lifelong fur baby...always. Who are the current parents?

Ky x Watson~Virginia

Petite Mini Female Puppy

Going home late September 2024


Layla x Gunnar~Virginia

Medium to Standard Female Puppy

(Layla is an English Golden Retriever)

Going home late August 2024. 


We are Layla, Ky, Bella, and Hoku with our heart-throb studs. Get ready to fall in love with your very own Beechwood pick-of-the litter! How? Apply to be a guardian for a fur baby from one of our specially picked litters going home between July and September 2024! (VA location)

Reach out to Beth at for a guardianship brochure and more info on these current summer and fall 2024 VA opportunities!

Bella x Cash~Virginia

Petite Mini Female Puppy

Going home October 2024

Have questions about guardianships? Email Tim for SC or Beth for VA at 

A Free Pup!


Blaze x Hoku~Virginia

Mini and Medium Chocolate Females

Going home February 2025



This is a temporary shared custody program. It is an affordable way to have one of our best Goldendoodles for your family. But it's much more than a free puppy. And as a Guardian family, you are much more than a guardian. You are the heartbeat of our program. You are partnering with us to make this the most ethical way to bless other families with puppies. How? It's assurance that every single dog is someone's loved-on pet, living a normal day-to-day life, who is only in our program for a brief time to bring love to others through puppies. When a dog is someone's precious pet, it goes without saying that he or she is never kenneled and never retired and given away after lengthy and exhaustive years in a breeding program. To this end, we interview to place the pick-of-the litter pups in forever homes with loving families while Beechwood Goldendoodles retains breeding rights. This means the dog will stay in your home and ultimately be YOUR family pet. Beechwood Goldendoodles pays for all health testing, all breeding expenses, and eventually spaying or neutering. The dog’s normal daily pet expenses are paid by you, the host family.


So, how does it work? When your female is in heat, or we need your male to breed to a female, your dog will come back to Beechwood Goldendoodles for breeding. Then the female comes back again for whelping, and is with us for about six weeks. 


When breeding obligations are fulfilled, full ownership passes to you.  Each female will be bred typically four times, but up to five times if there is a litter of only one or two puppies, and typically starting at the second to third heat, at the breeder's discretion.  She will live with us in our home as part of our family at Beechwood Goldendoodles during a couple of days for breeding and then for whelping.  Males may be needed for several more years, but will only need to be away from their families a couple of days at a time and not too often during the year. 


If it is determined that the dog is not needed for our breeding program when he or she comes of age, the contract is dissolved.  If your family moves more than 100 miles from the breeder during joint custody, the contract is dissolved and the current pet price, or percentage based on time remaining in program, must be paid for the dog, and the dog must be spayed or neutered. If Beechwood Goldendoodles as the breeder determines that the dog is necessary to continue our breeding program, then other arrangements can be met for the dog returned to Beechwood Goldendoodles for the period of time needed to breed. Contract terms can be modified and altered to meet an individual need or situation. The dog must be kept healthy, on prescription heart worm meds, up-to-date on vaccinations and well-groomed. 


If we feel that the terms of the contract are not being met by the guardianship family, we retain the right to take possession of the dog and return it to Beechwood Goldendoodles. The guardian family will relinquish all rights to the dog via contractual terms.  If at any time, we determine that the guardian family is not being cooperative in making the dog available to us, or not informing us when the dog is in heat, then we will reclaim the dog.  The guardian family must agree to contact Beechwood Goldendoodles if they plan to transport the dog more than 60 miles from Beechwood Goldendoodles for any length of time exceeding one week to ensure plans are discussed on the chance our need of the dog coincides. 

Did You Know?


  • You will have the "pick of the litter" puppy, chosen by Beechwood Goldendoodles

  •  Dogs in our breeding business NEVER have to live in a kennel

  •  Guardian dogs get to be in their forever home from puppyhood

You Must...

  • Own your own home

  • Provide obedience classes for the puppy

  • Be vet-recommended

  • Have a fenced yard (case-by-case basis)

  • Feed a breeder-approved food

  • Notify us immediately when a female begins her heat cycle

  • Allow Beechwood Goldendoodles to board females during heat cycle or provide assurance of secure inside containment

  • Not allow a male to breed with other females or expose females to males while in heat


  • Be within 60 miles of either our South Carolina or Virginia Beechwood Goldendoodles location


  • Not transport the dog more than 100 miles from your respective Beechwood Goldlendoodles base for more than one week without notifying us, due to fact female may come in heat or need male for breeding)

  • Relinquish the dog during the time we need the dog for breeding


  • Provide regular vet care at your expense, including shots, heart worm, and flea medicine

  • Keep your dog well-groomed at all times

Contact if interested


We chose to become guardian parents during the past year and welcomed Zoe into our home in October 2020. She has been a blessing. Just like the meaning of her name, Zoe brings life--joy, enthusiasm and laughter. She has also brought many smiles to our neighbors and family. She is a delight, and we are so happy she is part of our family. We love to hike and explore nature; Zoe loves to go on adventures with us. Joe and Beth have been very supportive and responsive to answering any questions we have had as new dog parents. The program Joe and Beth recommended for training has been fantastic. Zoe is so intelligent. She is quick to learn as we train her.

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