We occasionally have need for goldendoodle guardians near Columbia, SC, or Culpeper, VA!

A Free Pup!

Yes! You read that right!

Pick-of-the-litter AND for free!

See how...



This is a temporary joint-custody program. It is an affordable way to have one of our top-notch doodles for your family. We believe, as we grow our business, that every one of our dogs should be loved by a special family. Deanne and I, along with our husbands, feel that the ownership of one to two dogs each is a responsible number for us to spread our love, attention, and resources. To this end, we will occasionally place the pick of the litter pups in forever homes with a loving family while Beechwood Goldendoodles retain breeding rights.  This means the dog will stay in your home and ultimately be YOUR family dog.  Beechwood Goldendoodles pays for all health testing, all breeding expenses, and eventually spaying or neutering. The dog’s normal daily expenses are paid by you, the host family.


So, how does it work? When your female is in heat, or we need your male to breed to a female, your dog will come back to Beechwood Goldendoodles for breeding and then again for whelping. You may actually want to participate in the birthing and raising of pups in your home, which may be negotiated for compensation. 


When breeding obligations are fulfilled, Beechwood Goldendoodles pays to spay or neuter your dog and ownership passes to the guardian.  Each female will be bred up five times, typically starting at the second to third heat and at the breeder's discretion.  She will be boarded at Beechwood Goldendoodles during her heat cycle and whelping.  Males may be needed for several more years, but will only need to be away from their families a few days at a time. 


If it is determined that the dog is not needed for our breeding program when he or she comes of age, the contract is dissolved.  If the family moves more than 100 miles from the breeder during joint custody, the contract is dissolved and the pet price of $2,500-$3,000 must be paid for the dog and the dog must be spayed or neutered. If Beechwood Goldendoodles as the breeder determine that the dog is necessary to continue our breeding program, then other arrangements can be met at our expense to have the dog returned to Beechwood Goldendoodles for the period of time needed to breed. Contract terms can be modified and altered to meet an individual need or situation. The dog must be kept healthy, on prescription heart worm meds, up-to-date on vaccinations and well-groomed. 


If we, Beechwood Goldendoodles, specifically Tim Geurkink or Joe and Beth Robles, feel that the terms of the contract are not being met by the guardianship family, we retain the right to take possession of the dog and return it to Beechwood Goldendoodles. The guardian family will relinquish all rights to the dog via contractual terms.  If at any time, we determine that the guardian family is not being cooperative in making the dog available to us, or not informing us when the dog is in heat, then we will reclaim the dog.  The dog must be relinquished immediately upon request with no legal ties or binds.  If any legal fees are incurred by Beechwood Goldendoodles to repossess the dog, the guardian dog's host will be responsible for payment of any and all such legal fees, including court costs and attorney fees.  Any money the guardianship family paid for the dog will not be refunded, including vet bills.  The guardian family must agree to contact us, Beechwood Goldendoodles, specifically Beth Robles or Tim Geurkink, if they plan to transport the dog more than 60 miles from Beechwood Goldendoodles for any length of time exceeding one weeks. 


  • You will have the "pick of the litter" puppy, chosen by Beechwood Goldendoodles


  •  Dogs in our breeding business NEVER have to live in a kennel

  •  Guardian dogs get to be in their forever home from puppyhood



  • Own own your own home

  • Provide obedience classes for the puppy

  • Be vet-recommended

  • Have a fenced yard

  • Feed a breeder-approved food

  • Notify us immediately when a female begins her heat cycle

  • Allow Beechwood Goldendoodles to board females during heat cycle or provide assurance of secure inside containment

  • Not allow a male to breed with other females or expose females to males while in heat


  • Be within 60 miles of either our South Carolina or Virginia Beechwood Goldendoodles location


  • Not transport the dog more than 100 miles from your respective Beechwood Goldlendoodles base for more than one week without notifying us, due to fact female may come in heat or need male for breeding).

  • Relinquish the dog during the time we need the dog for breeding


  • Provide regular vet care at your expense, including shots, heart worm, and flea medicine

  • Keep your dog well-groomed at all times

Did you know?
To be a Guardian, You Must...
Contact Beechwood.goldendoodles@gmail.com if interested.

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