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Waitlists for 2024-25 petite-mini, mini, medium & small standard goldendoodles are now filling.

Our Story


...and our commitment to your furry friend

Our families both know the joy of finding that furry, fun-loving friend. Here we are with ours. And we're excited for you to find yours! That's what it really comes down to isn't it? For you and your puppy to find, enjoy, and love each other...snuggles, wags, yips, walks, treats, and years of devotion. That, really, is the only thing you should have to concern yourself with. We'll handle the rest, making sure that you have the healthiest, most wonderfully-tempered genetically sound, and head-turning, beautiful pup possible, and, might we add, one that is extremely low- to no-shed. Yours will be one of the many Goldendoodle Association of North America pups that have been successfully placed in families with allergies...and families happy to have a pet without the endless sweeping up of pet hair.

Tim and Deanne are second-generation dog breeders who love the intelligence, beauty, and versatility of this breed and who have enjoyed working with families to place the perfect puppy in its forever home. Joe and Beth draw on Beth's commitment to goldendoodle breed development and background of years of working with animals growing up on a farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They appreciate the high-level standard provided for their litters through the Goldendoodle Association of North America..

Our Golden (doodle)

We want you to know...


Beechwood Goldendoodles

is a blue-ribbon member of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, strictly adhering to GANA'S Code of Ethics for responsible breeding and pet ownership. We are recognized by the Good Dog Responsible Breeding Program. In addition to the joy of matching the perfect petite, mini, medium or standard goldendoodle pup to his or her forever family, we have a confidence that we proudly pass on to you--a continual effort to promote a healthy and beautiful outcome of the breed. In addition to a carefully selected and GANA-certified pedigree, our puppies' parents will have passed the highest blue-ribbon level of extensive medical evaluations, including the heart, hips, eyes, elbows, and paella, as well as a comprehensive DNA panel. It is our pleasure to strive to ensure that our puppy has the best breed qualities and health. We also complement our program with Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing and Puppy Culture for social and neurological development, based on current science. In addition to health, we breed for temperament, and do temperament testing. You puppy will have the very best start possible. 

After years of our three boys asking for a dog, we finally decided it was time to add a new member to the family.  We had never had a dog before, so were a bit nervous about becoming first time owners.  Beechwood Goldendoodles provided us with so much great advice to make the transition a smooth one."

Jason and Kristi Kerns

Newbury Park, California


Your dog may be the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Tim Geurkink


Tim Geurkink



research & medical


Beth Robles


web design & blog



Joe Robles

puppy care









Beth's Story

I don’t remember where I was when Joe said it. But I’ll never forget his words.


With six kids—homeschooling half and the other half in college—our resources were stretching thinner and thinner while expenses were headed in the other direction. Late nights as a freelance writer produced minimal help and the exhaustion expedited a second round of cancer for me.


Several years later, shortly after our sweet golden retriever Sunny had passed, he announced, “When we’re ready for another dog, let’s make it our pet and our home business. Let’s try dog breeding.”


A silent "Huh?" coursed through my mind . . .


My second thought wasn't so hush"I don’t know anything about dog breeding. I write and I edit, but I'm not one of those 'backyard breeders.'"

Beth's Story

As they say, man makes plans and God laughs.


He had me in a place of learning to be a better wife to Joe by fully partnering with him as he made decisions in leading the family. Joe loved me so much and valued my input, so it was easy for me to occasionally change his direction on decisions that I felt unsure of. God had me learning the difference between insightful input and selfish swaying; when to give ideas and when to support themJoe knew having me home with our children was better. But he also knew late-night writing and editing was not healthy or sustainable. So, I agreed. But if I was going to get into dog breeding, I was going to do it right. And it would be goldendoodles—in honor of our sweet golden retriever, Sunny--minus the shedding, thank you.


I was all in. And this would be straight forward, right? Just learn all that's needed in order to do this ethically and learn some genetics. And, of course, find a quality breeding dog, who would first and foremost be our pet. I naively wrote out the details of what we were looking for, added a family picture, which included our beloved Sunny, and sent it to select breeders. My priorities were:

#1 A NEW PET—She would be a member of our family, one from an educated breeder with a program beyond repute. This dog would have great health and genetics, and thus live longer than Sunny, having puppies with a stud of equal caliber, so that buyers would have pups that lived a long, healthy life.


#2 A BREEDING DOG—She would also be our breeding dog, one with the teddy bear features of the English golden retriever, the non-shedding trait from the poodle, and the great disposition and intelligence of both. She would have the parental clearances and/or tested health and genetics to ensure many years of joy, longevity, and great temperament that could be passed on to generations of puppies.


#3 A MENTOR—Okay, umm, in all honesty, I didn't know what I was doing. How to start? And what the heck was a pig railing? I had so much to learn! I wanted to make a commitment that my business would keep the welfare of the dog and breed standard first, the customer a close second, and myself and business stuff third. Any mix up in that order would be a recipe for a bad or subpar business.


Yikes, was I slammed—not only the door slamming in my face by all the “No’s,” but enough labeling of me being the very thing I was trying not to bea backyard breeder—that I gave up. I thought, No wonder there are “backyard breeders." There’s no one out there giving direction on how to do this right. Was it not wanting competition? Was it a sense of exclusivity? I didn't know. Whatever it was, I was not interested in battling my way through a barrage of belligerent breeders. I was back to my safe world of writing and comfortable again.


Three years passed...


Still no pet. Something kept telling me to hold off. That “something” or SomeoneGod. At times it was excruciatingly hard. My nine-year-old son Daniel would periodically go with me to the local pet rescue to get our “puppy fix.” The routine was the same. We’d slowly look at all the dogs. Then we’d go to that special room where we would one-by-one snuggle and play with as many as we could, until the workers caught on to us, and politely ushered us along.


One day, there was a moment of weakness. We found that puppy we couldn’t leave--Dillon. He had "chosen us." Daniel begged for us to take this sweet boy with soft, black, wavy curls home. We called Joe. Of course, he could have made it easier by saying, "No." Instead, he gently reminded me that we had talked about our new pet also being our home business. Really?!?  I knew I could walk out of there with that dog, and Joe wouldn't be angry, but...UGH...God. And Joe hadn't given up on his idea. It was difficult for me and torturous for Daniel, but I made the choice. We walked out of there. Without Dillon. Back to our puppy-less home. For months, Daniel put coins in his piggy bank he’d labeled “Dillon,” thinking if he only he could save up enough . . .


Months later . . .


Our church small group was still praying hard that I'd find that perfect home business, one I could manage and still do a great job homeschooling our younger kids and staying healthy myself. 


Then, providentially, our dear friends Tim and Deanne Geurkink approached us. God was doing something equally amazing in their lives. Tim and Deanne will share their story, too. So, if you haven’t already, hop on over there and read it, once they have it up.


For Joe and me, it was answer to prayer. Deanne, who had years of experience in the labradoodle breeding world, said, “Tim wants to transition into breeding goldendoodles, but we need a partner.” Tim had developed a passion to take doodles to a higher levelunderstanding and implementing the best in health, genetics, hypoallergenic traits, and beauty. Deanne had been our family pediatrician and, for health reasons, could no longer physically practice. Her love of and experience with dogs, coupled with her medical expertise, perfectly leant itself to helping Tim reach his endeavors. But they wanted partners to share in the venture and all the work it would entail to do this top-notch. God had so precisely put us together in that perfect timing in ways only He can do. Of course, my first response was, “Yes!! But you'll have to navigate breaking into this world. Breeders are tough!"


Then, it all came together!


Within a few days, Deanne had found the Goldendoodle Association of North America! Perfect mentors and beyond repute, GANA was looking to teach new breeders how to do this right, incorporating what’s best for the individual dog, the breed, the buyer, and the breeder. It was almost like they had been designed just for our us! We were directed to where we could purchase puppies that would become, not only our beloved pets, but top-quality breeding dogs, and then, best of all, each of us was assigned a mentor.



Joe, Beth, Pups.jpg

Hello, Beechwood Goldendoodles!


Perusing our site, you can catch a glimpse of the rest of our story, and the joy God has given not only our two families, but each new puppy owner!

I give Him the glory for the joy of creating Beechwood Goldendoodles. I have no doubt this joy will spill over into your heart as you take home one of our puppies!

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