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Happy Puppies Galore...

Welcome to Beechwood Goldendoodles Blog!

The key to happy fur babies and happy owners begins here.

I'm Beth of the Virginia branch of Beechwood Goldendoodles. Joe and I, along with our South Carolina branch business partner Tim, began Beechwood Goldendoodles in 2017. Our families each have our own unique journeys that led our paths to cross in a desire to share the love and joy we've discovered in Goldendoodles with the world. Just as this joy is boundless, so too, is the learning curve. Journey with me to learn all things Goldendoodle! Sometimes practical, sometimes goofy and fun in true Goldendoodle style, each blog serves to make happier paw-rents and happier fur babies!

So, Come Along With Us!

Oh, but you already know all you need to about your Goldendoodle? Really? Well...

Would he rather give up three days of food or take three days of baths?

Visit the groomer or visit the vet?

Give up treats for a lifetime or balls? we won't figure out everything, but let's give it a go!

Uhh, so you don't have a Goldendoodle yet? We've got you covered. Click the button and hop over to our Upcoming Litters page!

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