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Our Breeding Program

Let's "Paws" for a Word about Our Program

You should know a little about our breeding program. Why? Because we are the first owners of your sweet pup, and you want the healthiest possible start for your little guy or gal.

Also, we are adamantly against "puppy mills." And you should be, too. Running a business should never be given priority over the well-being of a dog. Partner with us on this. It's easy to get caught up in "puppy lust" and want that pup right away, taking the path of least resistance, whether it's due to convenience, timing, or cost, but take your time and make a wise choice. This little pal will be with you for over a decade of your life, and your choice will either help or hinder the cause of ethical breeding practices. Whether or not you ultimately choose a Beechwood goldendoodle, recognizing the elements of a reputable and ethical breeder during your search is paramount.

Waitlists for 2024-25 petite-mini, mini, medium & small standard  goldendoodles, are filling.

Dog Care, Client Care

Your pup comes FIRST. On a  RELATIONSHIP level, we will never place profit above the wellbeing of your dog. Each of our dogs is raised in a loving home, then go to a loving home. On a HEALTH level, we make decisions based on current medical research and extensive health and genetic testing. On a BLOODLINE level, we make breeding choices based on information from carefully constructed genealogical records. As our business grows, we will also strive to extend this by selecting matings based on behavior and personality patterns recorded about the dogs. As a client, you can be confident your puppy has  the best possible start.

Our Breeding Practices

As conscientious breeders, we strive to stay up on and implement the latest information on breeding practices, inutero development, neonatal stimulation and subsequent physical and neurological growth until you take your puppy home. We not only attend the annual Goldendoodle Association of North America Conference, where we learn and incorporate the latest technology as it relates to the goldendoole breed, but are investing in Avidogthe "world’s preeminent dog breeder education institution providing cutting-edge science tempered with real-life breeding experience through in-person and on-line programs, courses and products."

No Kennels, No Cages

Holding to our resolve that each dog should have a loving home, we use a guardian system to build our business. We will never have more than our own one or two cared-for dogs at home. And those dogs will NEVER  be sold or given away when retired from breeding. They are a part of our family. The same practice holds true for our guardians. As we build our business, we carefully screen a few select, reputable owners who would love to own a goldendoodle at no charge in exchange for agreeing to our breeding rights. If you are interested, check out our program here. 


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